Molded items in metal

We offer everything within molded items – sand casting, wax casting and high-pressure casting. We cast in a wide range of metals, including in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc and iron.

For sand casting we have automatic production lines for both horizontal and vertical casting.

We are happy to help with drawing work on customer-specific parts. Molds are made at extremely competitive prices.

Molded plastic items

Within plastics, there are endless possibilities, both in terms of tools and production itself. We have a great deal of experience in developing and producing tools.

The advantage of manufacturing tools in East-Asia is short production time and costs that are expected to be significantly lower than tools produced in the Western world. In some cases, there is an economic and logistical advantage in moving the tool to your home country and doing the production itself there. Of course, these calculations we can also help to calculate.