About us

BLUETAG has a great know-how in outsourcing, components and quality. The entrance to a collaboration is based on thorough and professional dialogue with the customer. We know all the pitfalls and know what it takes to avoid costly mistakes.

The concept is simple. We develop and manufacture finished products in collaboration with our customers. We carry out on-site quality control, arrange packaging and labeling, provide warehousing and logistics solutions to the desired destination.

We have 15 years of experience in development and manufacturing processes in products of steel, cast iron, aluminum, plastic and textile. We constantly focus on quality, lead time, cost prices, and logistics. All in close cooperation with our suppliers.

We take pride in being able to surprise our customers positively with low prices, suggestions for optimizing a product, unique quality and high delivery reliability.

Through the company’s founder Kim Schacht, who has lived in China for a total of 5 years, we benefit greatly from the network he has built there.

We have close and loyal factories and business partners to manufacture our products, so we are sure that what our customers want – is also what they get!

Although we work with a wide range of products and manufacturing methods, the ownership of the factories a held on a limited number of owners. The owners are all some people we have worked with for at least 12 years, and therefore, in addition to professional cooperation, we also have a close personal relationship with them. In China, trust and respect for one another is crucial to the success of business.